Monday, August 25, 2008

Pickle in a jar

Pickle in a jar, originally uploaded by mricon.

Mr. Mitten here, filling in for Mrs. Mitten, who is on a temporary posting hiatus (lots of projects going on here, many of which we can't announce yet, at least until all the bits and pieces are settled -- please have patience! :)).

We had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound today, which went very smoothly. Looks like we're brewing a healthy baby boy! I was a bit surprised when the gender was announced (can you tell from the video?), because our doctor had said that she was getting a "gut feeling" it was going to be a girl. Goes to show how much she knows, eh? :)

We would have been quite happy with either, really -- right now it simply means that we get to discard (or, rather, put on hold) half the potential names we were "trying on" to see how they rolled off the tongue. :) Since I was born and grew up in Russia, we would like to pick a name that is suitable to both sets of grandparents, and that won't clash too much with the kid's unwieldy patronymic and last name. "Bob Konstantinovich Ryabitsev" just doesn't sound right, wouldn't you agree?

So, a boy it is. We'll try not to smother him with toys. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

time off

There's plenty going on here these days, but not much I can talk about. I love surprises, both getting and giving them, but it does leave me with a lack of things to share with you. I can say that the new pattern for September is being test-knit, and that seems to be going well. I'm super busy creating and knitting for something that will come out later in the fall. But over the last few weeks, I haven't felt much like writing here, and I think that means I need a little time off. Never fear! I will be busily working away on fun new stuff for you, and I'm sure after a little break I will be bursting with news I want to share. Expect me back here the first week of September, hopefully to announce the new pattern.

Hugs everyone, and I hope you are able to really enjoy these last couple weeks of summer!

Friday, August 15, 2008


We finally got our act together and made up the new bunny pattern - the Well-Dressed Bunny! It's available in both my shops as of now. There are still a couple copies of the older bunny patterns in my Etsy shop, but once those are sold, I will just have the new pattern. Rather than show you more of my own knitting, here are some bunnies (and a lamb) made by other crafty people.

First, a bunny in a hoodie made by Marissa (she knits lots of bunnies). I knit a little hoodie while revising this pattern, because it had been so long since I knit one, and this was my second pattern ever. I found it to be just fine, even though I'm much better at designing now. I did lengthen the sleeves a bit, but the original length was fine too.

Now here's a sweet little girl bunny knit by Meike. For some reason I could never figure out, the pinafore dress turns out just the right size for some people, and too big for others. It's possible a problem with different people knitting different gauges, or maybe some people are using finer yarn for the toy? Anyway, the solution is usually pretty simple - use finer yarn and/or smaller needles. In case you missed it, you can find the instructions for the little pocket here.

I couldn't find an example of the Easter Bunny pattern, so here's a lovely sheep by the talented Raynor. He's well-dressed in a green jacket and waistcoat. Do you think he's off to have tea with some friends? I love the pattern for this jacket, and have knit it a bunch of times.

Anyway, maybe you've been inspired to knit a bunny or two of your own? Don't forget to add your photos to my Flickr group, so I can blog about your knitted toy one day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

rain, rain

It's been thundering and cloudy since lunch, and finally just started raining here. Cool breezes and lovely sounds come through the windows. It's been a wet summer here, and I'm loving it! I have to be inside most days, working away, and I'd rather it be cool and wet than hot and humid (especially since we don't have AC). Sometimes I wonder if there is anywhere that people don't complain about the current weather. Somehow it's always too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry! We always want the weather we're not having.

We have a lovely little thrift store in my town, and I visit it much too often. Once a week, usually. It's not big, and there isn't much selection, but somehow there is always something I find that's pretty, or useful, or just needs to come home with me. Lately I've been buying mostly clothes, because I've gotten to that stage in pregnancy where I'm growing out of all my favourite things. Today I found the sweetest top, with a ruffled collar and pineapples on it! I also snagged 2m of red and beige checked fabric. I'm not sure what it might become, but there's enough for a shirt, dress, or skirt.

The rain has already stopped, and the sun is out! Well, that wasn't even enough to get my pots of herbs wet! Ah well, I should get back to work. I'll leave you with a cute photo. This is Greta, our first cat. She tends to be on the grumpy side, but gives my husband lots of snuggles. She has rather short legs for a cat, and is a bit pudgy, so I like to make fun of her. She scowls at me, as if she understands :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

new fuzzy knits kits

I've added four new kits to my Etsy store, including the one below for a squirrel. I meant to get them listed on Friday, but other stuff kept getting in the way, like gloomy weather that made it impossible to get nice photos, and not feeling well on Friday afternoon (who knew blood tests could be exhausting?). These all have yarn hand-dyed by me, in some very pretty colours. I really enjoy dying yarn, and I would have done more kits, except I'm running low on yarn for the toys. It seemed like I had ordered lots the last time, but it mostly got used up or put in previous kits. I'm definitely going to have to order more before making any more kits, so these will be it until the end of September, probably.

I'm going to try blogging more next week. I don't know what's gotten into me lately!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

still here

I haven't been a very good blogger lately, have I? But I have been busy working on stuff for you. A new pattern is in the works for this fall. I've decided to get some of my local friends to test knit it for me, so it will be a big surprise for everyone! And that's all I'm going to say about it :)

I also found time for some sewing, so there will be a few kits available soon. I just need to add the last few bits, and take photos, so they should be up in my Etsy shop by the end of the week. They will all have my Fuzzy Knits book, since I'd really like to sell the copies I have sitting around. They also all have yarn hand-dyed by me, so their little outfits will be pretty and unique.

I think that's it for now. I'm off to do some baking for my girls' night get together (a bunch of my friends get together every Wednesday to cook, bake, drink, chat and knit). We're making soup and cookies tonight, which seem perfectly suited to the cool wet day we're having.