Saturday, December 31, 2011

knitting projects of 2011

Wow, I have no idea how I found time to knit so much this year. Here are 16 projects I finished, and that's not all of them. I know of several more that I haven't photographed - some toys and toy clothes, socks for the boys, a beret and mittens for myself, a partially finished cardigan for myself, a partially finished pullover for Lev that ended up too small, half-a-dozen hats which didn't fit Kyr, and probably more that I'm forgetting. If you want details of anything, check my Ravelry projects page (I'll try to add anything that's not already there over the next couple days).

My goals for next year include a fair-isle cardigan and striped pullover for myself. I also want to finish the cardigan and pullover I had started - the first is lovely and only got abandoned because I messed up the raglan increases, the second will fit Kyr in the Autumn and just needs 1.5 sleeves to be done. I also need a couple more pairs of socks, and I have a few skeins of stashed yarn for which I really want to find projects.

I'm sure I will knit toys as well. Maybe I will find time for a few custom toys, or just knit ones for my Etsy shop. At the moment I have no ideas for new patterns. However, this might be a good thing because I have several old patterns that really need my attention. As far as Fuzzy Mitten knitting goes, I'm content to make no plans or deadlines, and just work on each idea as it comes to me.

Kyr this year

How this boy has changed in 9 months! It's been a tough year, but now that we're at the end of it, things seem to be looking up for this fellow. From a less-than-easy pregnancy, 6-weeks premature birth, 3 weeks in hospital, colic, and all the other challenges that came once he started doing more than eat and sleep! However, in the past couple of months the good moments out-number the bad, especially since he decided that laughing and giggling are fun. I have hope that the new year will only bring more improvements, and challenges I can manage (there's nothing like colic to make you feel like a useless parent).

By now a few things about his personality are coming clear. He loves to snuggle, and can crawl to find me and climb into my lap. But he has quite a temper and gets frustrated easily (tantrums already?!) He prefers toys that make noise, and can already clap his hands, bang on a drum, and will bounce to a good beat. He adores Lev, but doesn't want to share his mommy with his big brother.  His favourite food is cheerios, despite his lack of teeth. He loves being outside, and would happily spend all day out in the garden or woods (if only the winter weather would cooperate). More than that, it's hard to say, since he will change a lot in the next few months.

I didn't know that a second child would be so much more difficult than one, or that Kyr would be demanding in ways that Lev never was. But nevertheless, he has found his place in our family and hearts. He is my cheeky Kiki, and I am excited to know the person he will become.

(I'm working on another post about my knit FO's this year, except I realized I didn't get photos of many of them. I will remedy that soon!)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

holiday sale

Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts. I can't tell you how much it helps at this time. As a little thank you, I'm having a sale in my Ravelry shop over the holidays, starting today and ending January 2. You get 20% off all my patterns and ebooks, no minimum purchase or coupon code required (the only exception is the Owl Tuque, since its proceeds are donated to charity). So, if you were thinking of gifting a pattern to yourself or another knitter, hopefully I've made it a little more affordable.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

back when I'm better

This has been a very long and difficult Autumn for me. I've been going through some personal troubles (I won't go into details right now), but I'm finally getting some help. With determination and courage, and the love and understanding of my little family, I hope to be back to my usual self by next Spring.

Understandably, this has made any Fuzzy Mitten work difficult or even impossible to accomplish - even answering emails. The new Savannah Chaps pattern only got published with the timely visit of my Mom and some much needed help with the kids. If you've been waiting for pattern support, or other questions, I'm sincerely sorry for my tardiness in answering. Maybe I'll find a few hours over the holidays.

I hope you will all be patient with me, and welcome me back when I'm feeling better. Until then, here are a few photos from a wintry walk. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!