Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kyr this year

How this boy has changed in 9 months! It's been a tough year, but now that we're at the end of it, things seem to be looking up for this fellow. From a less-than-easy pregnancy, 6-weeks premature birth, 3 weeks in hospital, colic, and all the other challenges that came once he started doing more than eat and sleep! However, in the past couple of months the good moments out-number the bad, especially since he decided that laughing and giggling are fun. I have hope that the new year will only bring more improvements, and challenges I can manage (there's nothing like colic to make you feel like a useless parent).

By now a few things about his personality are coming clear. He loves to snuggle, and can crawl to find me and climb into my lap. But he has quite a temper and gets frustrated easily (tantrums already?!) He prefers toys that make noise, and can already clap his hands, bang on a drum, and will bounce to a good beat. He adores Lev, but doesn't want to share his mommy with his big brother.  His favourite food is cheerios, despite his lack of teeth. He loves being outside, and would happily spend all day out in the garden or woods (if only the winter weather would cooperate). More than that, it's hard to say, since he will change a lot in the next few months.

I didn't know that a second child would be so much more difficult than one, or that Kyr would be demanding in ways that Lev never was. But nevertheless, he has found his place in our family and hearts. He is my cheeky Kiki, and I am excited to know the person he will become.

(I'm working on another post about my knit FO's this year, except I realized I didn't get photos of many of them. I will remedy that soon!)

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K said...

There is no real pattern for the second child. Everything depends on the spirit born into that little body. Then you have to figure in the genetic component, the chemistry that results, the behavior of the first child, the space of time between them -it's always different. My second was a reserved male lamb. My third a female set of fireworks. They are each a job, a joy and a consumer of maternal energy and heart.

The one thing I found over and over was that I had to remain lovingly watchful, training up each child individually as carefully as I would a puppy or a colt - watching for the things that needed to be tamped down and the things that needed to be set free and encouraged - and that the job didn't end - it still goes on (but more carefully and less actively than in those first nineteen years).

I am so grateful for each of my four children - each was a different set of learning for me, and a slightly different kind of love. They are now my best friends in the world. A lot of work went into the crafting of that almost fo. And they are the first thing I would show off in a year's summary. They are the first on my list of gratitude.

Your baby is lovely - and I am so glad his body is maturing and settling into a stronger pattern. Bless you all, and may the coming year bring far more joy than any other thing.