Friday, January 14, 2011

hint #11

Over the years, I have been asked many times to design an underwear pattern for my toys. My first thought was always, "but, they're stuffed animals!" However, I've been asked often enough by now that I decided it's time to offer a couple of suggestions here. I wanted to design a simple free pattern, but some other things are keeping my hands full (such as a busy toddler). Whenever I do find the time, I will add the pattern to this post.

Both these suggestions are for my standard 8" size toy (like this or this), although the first would also work for the big teddy and bunny patterns.

My first suggestion is quite simple: work the last 1/3 of the body rows in white yarn (or yarn co-ordinating with the toy's outfit). If the pattern you have is older and doesn't include row counts (and you don't feel like counting them yourself), you can start the white on this row:

Next: k3, m1, k1, m1, k27, m1, k1, m1, k3. (39 sts)

My second suggestion is to use either the bikini bottom from my Alpaca pattern, or the shorts from my Koala pattern (although you will want to shorten the legs on these). The lederhosen in Clothing Bundle 3 is also similar to the shorts, so you could try that pattern as well.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

past and new year

What can I say about the past year? I think this photo is very appropriate: it's mostly been about watching my goofy, cute baby growing into a person (Mr. Mitten and I both think it's fitting that the photo is a little blurry, just like the pace of life with a toddler). Every day I get to know a little more about who he is and will be, which is both tremendously fun and frustrating (I can't wait until he can really talk to us, even if it means he will never be quiet).

The latter half of the year has also been spent expecting our next child. While I'm excited to meet the little fellow, to have a baby around again, and for Lev to become a big brother, the past few months have been really hard. I'm not used to being sick, and to be sick for nearly 4 months is not an experience I wish to ever repeat (if you were wondering why it's been so quiet around here lately). However, I know many women have it much worse, so I try not to complain, and get on with life. I'm hoping this new year will bring better things for me, as well as for us as a family.

Of course, the past year has also seen a few new things for Fuzzy Mitten. I tried a couple new directions for my toy designs, as well as one in my usual style. I also tried my hand at a couple of hat designs, as a tentative foray into something other than toys. I think overall it's been a moderately successful year, despite being so busy with family life. I know this new year will be even busier, so it's difficult to know how much knitting and designing I will be able to accomplish.

However, you can be assured that we will stop by from time to time, to share our work and family life with you, our ever-patient and loyal readers! I hope this new year bring will bring you much joy and good fortune, in whatever ways you need them most.