Tuesday, January 1, 2013

busy new year

Sitting here, wrapped in flannel pyjamas and a Shetland shawl my Mum gave me for Christmas (and maybe feeling groggy after a late night and a little too much bubbly), I'm thinking about all the things we have planned for this year. I'm also thinking about all the things I learned last year, which will help me make this new year a good one.

This Winter is going to be busy for us! Next week I start French classes, after 8 years living in a French-speaking province. I don't remember much from the French I took in school, and my accent in atrocious, but I feel like it's time I made an attempt at learning this language. Lev, my older boy, will be starting gymnastics and swimming classes soon (the pool cleverly combines them, so I only have to get him to one place for an hour a week). My husband will hopefully be taking portrait classes, something he's been wanting to do for years. At the end of January my Mum is coming for a visit, and my husband will be flying off on a trip to China! (I know he's excited about that, but goodness, it's so far away).  My husband's parents will be visiting near the end of Winter, so I finally get to meet his father. We also have a family vacation planned, to somewhere warm and sunny!

On top of all this, I've been wanting to overhaul the blog for a few months now. I think it's time for a new header, some brighter colours, and a more functional layout. I have a couple of ideas for new patterns I want to get done before the Spring. I'd like to start on a couple of collaborations with some friends (it's so nice to know talented and inspiring people, who are also willing to listen and help with my ideas).  I've also been meaning to make video tutorials for several techniques I use, but I'm not sure if I'll get to those, since I'll need help. Maybe I'll save those for the Summer.

And we'll continue to be busy for the rest of the year, with house renovations, lots of hiking and swimming, and maybe some other new designs for you.

Some of the things I learned last year, which I'm sure will help make this year successful (and all the years to come): I am responsible for making myself both miserable and content, and I get to choose which. Even if I don't start out with the strength and skills to deal with something, I can learn them. Balance in all aspects of life is one of the most difficult things to achieve, but the most worthwhile goal I can imagine. Old friends are worth hanging onto, even if our friendship has changed over the years. New friends are worth cultivating, if I carefully choose a few who will enrich my life. I need to be creative to be happy. Each moment will only exist once, so I will savour and remember the good ones, and know that the bad ones will pass, and I can let go of them.

I hope this year is a good one, for all of you.