Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's been far too long between posts. I am sorry. I've been busy with life, and a little bit of knitting. Here is my most recent custom-made toy. I think she turned out especially well. I want to get some proper photos of her, before she heads off to the UK tomorrow.

Now that this one is out of the way, I'm going work on those pesky old patterns of mine, which have been waiting for an update for, oh gosh, years now! First up is the big teddy. I already had a new one knit months ago. I just couldn't find the motivation to get it put together. Today I got everything but the legs stuffed and assembled! I'm very pleased with how it looks. I'm always a bit surprised that my big toys aren't bigger, since they seem to take so much more work. I can only imagine the dedication to knit a really large toy - I'm truly a small project person, with only one adult sweater to my name!

Now I'm off to do a wee bit of yoga, and maybe read a chapter of The Secret Garden, before bed. Good night, my friends!