Monday, October 15, 2007

ravelry fun

I forgot to mention that I was finally accepted to try out Ravelry, receiving the invitation on my wedding day, no less! Not that I think they had any idea about that :)

If you want to see what I'm working on, my name is fuzzymitten. Easy enough to remember :) I don't have too much time for adding my projects (the few I have) and yarn stash, so it looks a bit bare at the moment.

I wonder if I will waste as much time browsing through other people's projects as I do reading blogs every day? Not that reading blogs is a waste of time ;) I love finding out what other crafters are up to, and the feeling of community you get by knowing there are similar people out there who love the same things you do.


vierge_en_trop said...

Ooh, I thought you weren't going to sign up?

It sucks about your missing packages. I'd be so angry if that happened to me. We nee to have another sewing Saturday soon, with tea and cookies.

Barbara Prime said...

I changed my mind once I realized how useful it could be, although I did wait about 3 months to get accepted.

I was super upset about the packages yesterday, but I'm resigned to it now. Guess I should have been more careful to start with. I ended up ordering more magnet from a Canadian seller, just to avoid the customs hassle. I'll miss the fabric, even though I had no plans for it. The little fish were just too cute.

melanie girouard said...

I also find that knitters' Flickr photos are also a good source of inspiration.

So many ideas... I am exploding! ;-)