Sunday, October 14, 2007

the whole magic-loop thing

I know I didn't mean to do any "work" knitting while I was away, but I couldn't help myself. Honestly, just ask my sweetie :) Of course, it had something to do with cursing and swearing at my attempted socks, which just wouldn't let me get them started. Usually I am equal to teaching myself new techniques, but I think I may need to ask for help with the whole magic-loop thing. It seemed straight-forward enough, and I did manage to get about an inch done before realizing my gauge was too tight. On my second try, despite being so careful, one sock ended up twisted and I tore it all apart in disgust.

Then I convinced myself that people out there must be dying to see new toys in my shop, which has been barren for some time. Strudel hung in there for a while, but it was too lonely for him, so he is staying with me now. Too bad for you ;)

I am in the process of knitting a little white lamb with curly locks. I tend to knit bits at a time - so far she has a head, body, and one leg. Tonight I decided to start her sweater, and pulled out a nice wool yarn in pumpkin orange. I meant to make another hooded cardi, but was lazy and didn't feel like knitting the hood. Instead it's just a cardigan with some pretty twisted stitches up the front. If I can manage to not procrastinate too badly tomorrow, I might get her done.

After that, I really need to concentrate on my new, top-secret pattern. It's been waiting for my attention far too long, even though I am really excited about it. But it's a project that takes a lot of energy and concentration, and my wedding was taking up all of that for the last month.

I think it's time to head for bed now, and give my kitties some much-needed attention.

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