Saturday, October 27, 2007

wine and beautiful yarn...

...makes for difficult decisions. After much searching, I think I have decided on Malabrigo Lace - Baby Merino for my sweater. It has a winning combination of quality, softness, and affordability that I can't refuse. I plan to use it double stranded, which I have done before with similar weight yarn, and had no trouble. As the sweater is ribbed, any small difference in gauge shouldn't be a problem. Now the question is: greenish navy, or purplish navy?

Never mind that I don't plan to start this sweater for at least a month.


melanie girouard said...

Do you mean this one vs this one?

Barbara Prime said...

If you look on their site, I am trying to decide between Azul
Profundo and Marine. The other site I was thinking of buying from wanted $35 for 5 skeins of the lace weight, which is just the amount I need. They only sell the worsted in 10 skein bunches, which is twice the amount I need. Maybe I just need to find another place to buy it.