Wednesday, December 12, 2007

don't look if you're related to me!

I might not be knitting toys for my shop right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not busy. Not everyone in my family is getting knitted gifts this year, but I am working on a few nice ones. I wanted to share what I have done, so if you're a member of my family, you should stop looking now or you might spoil the surprise :)

The last couple days I've been working on little knitted Christmas trees. These will be stocking stuffers for my my family. I'm particularly pleased with the white one covered in bobbles.

When I offered to make a toy for my niece for Christmas, my brother-in-law asked for an Eeyore, saying he was the most neglected Winnie-the-Pooh character. I happened to have a pattern that was close, and I finally finished his face today. I knit him from Swish Superwash merino, so he's easily washed when my niece decides to get food, dirt, or other nasty stuff on him. I know he doesn't look exactly like Eeyore, but he's still cute!

These little farm animals are for my nephew. I've been working on them for a while, whenever I found a little time between other projects. I love the pigs and sheep, and check out the horns on the ram! They still crack me up :)

The calf was supposed to be a cow, but I changed the pattern a lot, and he is much to small compared to the other toys to be a cow. I like the idea of knitting more animals for his birthday, and maybe some other farm-type things.

I'm also half-way through a pair of mittens, and I have a tuque to knit this weekend. I will try to take photos when they're done, although I haven't much time left before I leave. I am so looking forward to seeing my family again, and maybe dreading it a little too. They are all rather a lot louder than me, and it can be overwhelming.


Eunice said...

hey, don't berate yourself-- that eeyore is amazing. as are your trees and farm animals, but the eeyore is pretty perfect. really.

is the tail really a pin-on?

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like eeyore! you have done a great job.

sara said...

I love the trees.
Have a great holiday.

Barbara Prime said...

Thanks so much!

The tail has a hole at the top, and the pin is really a bobble knit in black. My niece is only a couple months old, so I didn't want to use a button.

Anonymous said...

Hey! What pattern is your eeyore inspired by? He's perfect!

Oh... and I like the two trees on the right side of the photo, especially the beaded one. Sweet!

Barbara Prime said...

The donkey pattern is in a book called "Toy Knits" by Debbie Bliss. There's lots of other cool toys in it too, like a camel and a kangaroo.

donna said...

Love those itty bitty farminals...the ram is so cute. I think you did a lovely job on eeyore! I can't wait to get home tonight and start some of those wee trees-so cute. Thanks ever so much.

Oscar the Wonder Cat said...

ohh eeyore is adorable! I think you have done an amazing job with him. and I absolutely love the trees - is that a pattern you designed yourself or one from somewhere else? I love the white one with the baubles but the others are equally gorgeous