Sunday, December 30, 2007

new year plans

First things first, the feature pattern for January will be a cardigan with tiny cables. I had lots of people ask about the cardi this wee cutie is wearing, so hopefully you will all enjoy knitting this for your little toys.

handsome Pete

Second, I plan on putting out a cow pattern. I'm still not quite sure how I'm making the spots, or what it will wear, but I should have it ready by mid-January. Any ideas on appropriate clothing for a cow? Too bad I already have overalls with the monkey... I'm contemplating giving it an udder, but that might be just a little too goofy ;)

There will also be a unicorn pattern to replace the reindeer. I need to order yarn to knit up the new pattern, so this might not be ready until the end of January. I really want to use some fun, sparkly eyelash yarn! So if you have a ball hanging around your stash, or see something pretty in a bargain bin, think unicorns! When this pattern comes out, I may also try putting together a tutorial. I know this pattern is complicated, with lots of seaming, but the finished toy is so awesome I would love for more people to try it out.

My wonderful hubby has also put together a new, non-holiday version of our pattern book. This should be available from my Lulu shop within a few days. I also hope to order some so I can offer them in my Etsy shop, and even put together a few more kits. I had so much fun with the first few, I want to try them again! Besides, it gives me an excuse to buy more vintage buttons from the local thrift store :)

I have a few more totally awesome pattern ideas for later in the year, but I think I will save the surprise until closer to when they will be ready.


Sara said...

if its a girl cow you can give it a cute little sun-dress

Anonymous said...

Sun dress sounds good...

love the cardigan

cant wait to see the new patterns

OOOOH a unicorn!!!

have a lovely and safe newyear