Wednesday, January 2, 2008

disappearing patterns

Some of you have shown concern over me discontinuing patterns. However, although I love all my patterns, some of them don't sell very well, and the number I can keep track of is getting a bit out of hand. I plan to keep the number of toy patterns in my Etsy shop to 20, so as I add new ones, other ones will be removed. But all my toy patterns will always be available in my Lulu shop, because I don't need to worry about emailing or re-listing there. So if you feel like knitting a reindeer in July, you can still get the pattern. Hopefully this will relieve your concerns :)


dawn said...

Barbara, I just wanted to thank you for the ginger cookie recipe. I baked some over the holidays and they were delicious.

Lucy said...

Thanks Barbara for the information. - I see you now have the cabled cardigan in your Lulu shop so will be purchasing that along with the reindeer pattern tonight !! Hope you are feeling better today - Happy Knitting!