Thursday, January 31, 2008

go ahead, make my day

So it seems I've been tagged for the "(go ahead) make my day" meme. (sorry, couldn't resist)

It's not easy for me to list 10 blogs that make my day. See, I don't actually read that many (not many, as in about two dozen, not two hundred like a friend of mine). The reason for this is that I often have trouble staying on task and motivated, so having oodles of fun and interesting stuff to read every day would seriously cut into my time for doing productive work. It's just common sense for me to only choose the ones that inspire me the most, will always read from top to bottom, and will miss on the days they don't post. As for all the other wonderful blogs out there, I try to only stop by when someone mentions a particularly lovely post, so I don't spend all day on the internet. I do hope you understand.

So, I think I will just list my top five, and hope whoever I miss doesn't jinx me (I'm not superstitious anyway, so it won't work)

1. Soule Mama: she is such a wonderful, creative, loving, inspiring person. And she takes adorable photos of her kids. What more can I say?

2. the Yarn Harlot: funny, silly, wise, outrageous, talented, and so down to earth. She makes me smile, and sometimes laugh out loud.

3. Soto Softies: I love how creative Martiza is with shapes and styles and colours. I fall in love with all the toys she makes, and wish for the day when I can be as stylish as her.

4. Tania: reading her blog is like sitting in a best friend's cozy kitchen, drinking tea from pretty china, eating something sweet and yummy, and chatting about the best things that happened the day before.

5. Irish Sally Garden: this family makes me believe it's possible to live sustainably, eating delicious food grown in your own backyard, raising animals in a humane and wholesome way, and teaching your children everything they should know about how the natural world works and our responsibility to maintain a healthy and resilient environment.

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