Tuesday, January 8, 2008

oh the evilness of tidy

I grew up in a messy house. It was messy because there were always lots of kids around, because we were mostly too busy to bother cleaning, and because my parents have trouble throwing anything away.

Having grown up in a mess, I prefer a tidy house. Not pristine, spick n' span, you-can't-tell-that-anyone-lives-here cleanliness. Just a general, uncluttered, everything-has-its-place kind of tidiness. I seldom achieve this, despite my best efforts, and that drives me a little batty some days. They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but I get so grumpy about it some days I really wonder if that's true...

Today I'm trying to make some sense of our spare room. This room was always intended to be a sort of studio/office/craft room, at least until it's needed for other things. However, my niece was living in the room last summer, so nearly all my crafty stuff has been packed in the closet since last spring. We finally made a trip to Canadian Tire, armed with some gift cards from relatives, and found a few things to help organize my overflowing collection of craft stuff.

My yarn is organized into clear bins, plus an old suitcase for stash I don't look at very often. I have a set of drawers for sewing bits and pieces. I've reorganized our painting supplies in an old dresser. I'm not satisfied with how my fabric is put away, but it's sort-of manageable in a bin and a box, so I will have to work with it that way for now. I need a table and lamp for my sewing machine, but I don't know when that will happen. Now I just need to clean up the mess I made while reorganizing everything, and I can be satisfied in a job well done. And a tidy room :)

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