Friday, January 4, 2008

shop update

Maybe I'll kick myself later for promising a shop update so far in advance, but it could also motivate me to get everything ready on time.

I am hoping to do a shop update by the middle of January, let's say the 18th for now, to be negotiated if necessary. This update will include the cow pattern, some pin cushions, some knitting bags, maybe a toy or two, and a custom-order toy listing. I don't think I will have the new pattern books by then, so the books and kits will be listed a bit later. I was hoping to have more ready, but I am furiously working on an important project which is taking up all my knitting time.

Thanks so much for your well wishes. I am slowing beginning to get over my cold, and I appreciate you patiently reading through my whinging to get to the good stuff :) I need to get better soon, so I can meet friends for coffee, knitting, and new LYS exploring!


Lucy said...

Good Luck with it all! So happy to have the cable-cardi at a last - also the Reindeer pattern!! I look forward to more as soon as you are ready!! Cheers Lucy

Anonymous said...

I hope you achieve your goal.

Hope you are feeling better real soon.