Friday, January 11, 2008

stuff for the shop

I've had a busy day over here, and it's not because I'm avoiding going out in the nasty weather (rain in January is just wrong here). I'm feeling the pressure of the shop update deadline, and deadlines always help me get stuff done.

I finished one little toy that was commissioned ages ago, and I might share photos when I get some, because she is just too sweet. I finished another pin cushion, and made 4 little cloth bags for the book kits. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to get any toys made for the shop update. If I bust my butt, I might get two or three done in time. We'll see how much knitting I can get done over the next 7 days. I also want to sew some more bags just to sell on their own, but I'm thinking of making patchwork ones so they'll be a little different from what's in the kits.

All this means that the cow pattern might come out a little later than what I was thinking. I'm not very happy with my first attempt, and am feeling quite uninspired about the whole thing right now. I'm taking a little break from it, and hoping I will feel more like working on it once the shop update is done.

Valentine's is coming quickly too, isn't it? I'm not sure if I plan to do anything special for February. I already have a sweater pattern with a heart on it, so I doubt I will do something like that for the feature pattern. Who knows, maybe my creative juices will start flowing again, and I'll come up with a fantastic idea!

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