Saturday, January 19, 2008

technicolour hands

I've been selling plenty of books lately, which feels so good! I hope you're enjoying them, or will, when they arrive. I really like the new version, especially the pictures. The Festive Knits photos were a bit desaturated, but fortunately we figured out the problem.

I realized I never shared a photo of this wee cutie, like I promised. I made a similar one a while ago, for the same person. If you're curious, I used fingering weight alpaca on 2.25 mm needles, but otherwise followed the pattern exactly. The toy turned out about 13 cm (5") tall. The problem is that the dress certainly won't fit a kitty that small. I sort of divided all the instructions in half - half as many stitches for the skirt, a little over half as many rows, I think. It takes a little fiddling to get it right. I love how tiny and adorable she is, so maybe I'll make more in the future.

Right now I have bunnies and lambs to knit. I bought some suri dream for the lambs, because I thought it would be similar to the acrylic yarn I had been using (but natural fibres, of course). It is so lovely, fluffy, and soft! I think it will be perfect. But this morning I will be dying some of the plain yarn I bought, to be used for the toys outfits. So off I go, to have fun and get me some technicolour hands!

P.S. My husband is holding the kitty for maximum effect - he has large hands, so the kitty looks even smaller :)


Catie said...

She looks super cute and tiny. It seems like every toy you knit is amazing - good work. I'm waiting until the monthly patterns come as a set and then I'm buying that too, I want lots of clothing choices for the toys as I remember loving dressing my dolls as a child.

Anonymous said...

how super cute is she!!

I really like my festive knits pics...if the new one is brighter I am wishing I had held out..LOL I know everyone at my knitting group loved the book when I showed them


Lucy said...

Your miniature kitties are just exquisite - I think you should make lots more and maybe miniaturise some of your other adorable animals!!

Kineret WillowGreene said...

I love this! SO CUTE!!