Wednesday, February 6, 2008

bye bye

This little cutie pie is on her way to a new home. I try not to get attached to the toys I sell, but she really is special. I hope her new owner will love her too (she's a Valentine's Day present, so the odds are good). I have more of the curly yellow yarn, enough to make another lamb, I hope. The next one might be staying with me.

I'm working my way through the first of my commissions for this spring. Of the 10 toys, I have only 3 left to knit, and 5 to put together. With some determination, I'll have them all done by this time next week. Then I start on the next one, for 6 toys. After that I have some smaller ones. I tried to space those out a bit, to give me time to work on patterns. I've been working away on the cow whenever I need a break from bunnies, so it's coming along, slowly. I keep changing my mind about what I want it to look like, which isn't helping.

I've written out a draft for my long-awaited face tutorial. Looking at the length of the text, and thinking about how many photos I need to include, the face tutorial will probably be expanded into a mini-series. Each part of the face will be covered in a separate tutorial, spaced over several days. This way I can get as much detail as I want into each part, without making one enormously long post.

My hubby suggested the idea of making video clips to go along with the tutorials, which I'm a bit hesitant about. I mean, I love the idea in theory, because it will be much clearer what I'm doing. But there are two problems: one, we don't have a video camera, and two, I have this irrational fear that I sound like a 6-year-old. However, the chances are good that my husband will talk me into us getting a video camera. He's also done a bunch of narrating for videos, so he can coach me in the talking part. Who knows, maybe in some bizarre way me sounding like a 6-year-old will just add to the cuteness factor of my toys.


Catie said...

The face tutorial sounds super wonderful - I can't wait. I hate how my voice sounds on recordings - I think it is too high pitch. I like my voice in my head much more. I am making myself wait for the bundle of clothes but it is super hard when you post pictures of the gretel dress...

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the face tutorial! sounds like its going to be great.

I dont like my voice. sounds husky, been told it sounds really good though with my aussie