Monday, February 25, 2008


I know I've been a bit lazy about blogging lately. Mostly it's because I don't have anything really interesting to say, so I thought I would save you boring posts about all the toys I've been knitting. I have been doing a few other things, like sewing, dying yarn, and visiting with friends. Did you enjoy the photos from the other day? I think I'm slowly getting better at photography, but short, dreary winter days don't give me many opportunities to practice.

I did take a bit of time in the last few days to work on the next feature pattern. It turned out so adorable, that I can hardly wait to show you. What I have so far is pretty simple, so I might try working on a hat to go with it. That depends on how much time I can scrounge in the next few days, and if my ideas for the hat work out. We'll see...

I thought I would leave you with a picture of some pretty flowers from a couple years ago. There won't be any popping out of the ground around here for at least 6 weeks, but as wintry as it continues to be, spring will come eventually :)

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