Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sewing day

Sorry for the slight technical problems with my last post. I had uploaded a better shot of the toys to flickr, and forgot I needed to fix the link in my post.

Today will be a sewing day. I've been knitting like mad on my second order of Easter toys, and find myself with a whole extra day to do something besides knitting! My plan is to whip up some bags for the upcoming kits. I'm going to make 2 different styles of bags this time, so there will be a variety of kits and prices to choose from. At the moment I think there will be 4 Easter bundle kits: 2 with just the book and yarn and 2 with book, yarn, plus a draw-string pouch. If I can find enough yarn for 2 more kits, there might be some with tote bags too. These will come with safety eyes and necessary buttons for the outfits. I'm also planning to dye most of the yarn for the toy outfits, which I hope to get done this weekend. I know with my first set of kits I gave stuffing, but I found it made the parcels very bulky (thus more expensive to ship), and I have a hard time supplying myself. These should be ready for my shop by next Friday, but it depends on how soon my order of safety eyes arrives.

I have some Fuzzy Knits kits in the works too, but they will come later (aimed more at Mother's Day). I'm also planning to mix them up a bit, so you could buy just book and yarn, or buy a kit with a pouch or tote bag. All the supplies will be enough to make a specific toy, rather than just some random yarn and buttons, although that encourages more creativity :)

I really love sewing, but my sewn items don't sell well in my Etsy shop. From now on I might just include these things in kits, rather then on their own. I had high hopes for the magnetic pin cushions, but they might end up as gifts for friends and family, and the materials go towards other projects.

In pattern writing news, I am trying to arrange things so that towards the end of April I should have nothing to do but work on new patterns. I have some really great ideas floating around in my head, and I want to get them made! They are quite different too, so will take a bit of trial and error before they are ready for you.


Unknown said...

WOW! You have exciting things on your plate. Fun reading. :)
An EtsyKnitter

Lucy said...

Good Luck with everything - I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in April or whever you are ready with your new patterns!! Happy Knitting!