Monday, February 11, 2008

techincal problems

I know, I know... I keep promising those tutorials, and they always fail to appear. I have the text all written, but when my husband read through it, he voiced some serious doubts about whether it's even possible to show what I'm doing with photos alone. So now I'm rethinking the whole thing. *sigh* I feel really crappy about taking so long with the whole thing, but I have this horrible need to do a good job. What will probably happen at this point is that we will try taking photos for the first installment this coming weekend. Then I will post that tutorial as a trial, and hopefully get some feedback from you as to what is missing, unclear, etc. If it seems like videos are necessary, we'll try borrowing a video camera, and get the rest of the tutorials done as soon as we have time (another serious problem being that we are both super busy right now).

I do have some good news! I'm nearly done with the cow pattern. I just need to work out some kinks with the clothing (as in some small problems, not that the clothes are kinky). I finally decided on how the cow should look, and while it's a little more work than my toys usually are, it looks like a "typical" cow and it should be easier than intarsia. It's a bright sunny day, so if I can get some good pictures, and get it written up tomorrow, the pattern should be available by Wednesday. Although, considering my track record with promises and deadlines, it will probably be ready at some indeterminate date in the far future :-/


Catie said...

Sounds good on all topics (cows, tutorials...). I understand the urge to have a perfect/very good tutorial - it is an extension of yourself and represents your work, you want it professional. I look forward to seeing it whenever you feel it is ready.
PS: someone posted a comment on my blog (no clue who he is or how he found my blog) and asked if he would be able to knit the bear that I made (your pattern) for his wife next valentines day in a larger size if he learned how to knit now. Your pattern is inspiring new knitters!

Barbara Prime said...

Thanks for being so understanding about the tutorials. At least they are coming along, even if it's slowly.

The guy wanting to knit a teddy for his wife is so sweet! Hopefully he does learn to knit, and no just because of my patterns :)