Saturday, February 16, 2008


You guys are so awesome. *big hugs*

Sometimes I get very intense ideas, and I need to write them down, articulate them, in order to make sense of what I'm thinking and feeling. I'm glad it all came out clear enough for you to understand.

Since before I could remember, I wanted to be an artist (really, that's not just a cliche in my case). I went off track for a long time, and coming back to a creative life has made me so happy. But it is as difficult as I always imagined it would be, even if the difficulties are not ones I thought of when I was younger.

I'm very blessed to have a husband, family, and friends who support what I do. And there's you :) I sometimes wonder what I'd be doing now if that first person hadn't asked me to write out the pattern for my teddy bear. Cute is what I am and what I do, and I'm super pleased you all like it so much!

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