Friday, March 14, 2008


I've never had so many comments as for the Happy Monday contest. I'm tickled, really :) In an effort to encourage more comments in the future, I've changed my blog settings so anyone can comment. You still have to solve the word puzzle, though, which will hopefully keep out some of the spammers. However, if I do get lots of nasty junk spam in the comments, I might have to tighten security again.

I just realized yesterday that the contest ends on St. Patrick's Day. I've never really celebrated this holiday, having no Irish in my family. Does this ever happen to you, that there's holidays on the calendar that you forget about because you don't celebrate them? It's a pretty big deal in Montreal, with a parade and drinking in the streets. I've attended the parade twice, and both times realized that March in Montreal is too cold for parades.

If you didn't notice it, there's a post with videos below the soup post. Check them out, as they're super cool!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing it so that more people can comment. I didn't vote in your hippo contest but the ones you made certainly are cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara!
Just wanted to say hello, I love visiting your blog!! I just knitted the little bunny with the dress, bout' time since I bought the pattern way back in December. LOL! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks so much for offering patterns, I love the bunny and can't wait to try some of your others. Hope you have a happy St. Patricks day. I am part Irish, but don't celebrate. Maybe I should...

Hugs, Marissa