Tuesday, March 11, 2008

comments and eyelashes

So many nice comments! I guess you guys like the hippos :) I am glad. The idea just came to me last week and I decided to act on it before I got too busy. I had been thinking on and off about designing an elephant, but there are some really nice elephant patterns, and I wanted to do something different. Suddenly I could see the hippo in my head, and it just made me happy! Although, the mouth was something that just sort of happened on the way to another idea, but I love how it looks.

Okay, enough gushing.

And what's with the naughty comment about the boy hippo? Ah well, we're all adults here, right? and it did make me chuckle. In my mind they're like kids playing dress-up, as one commenter said, and I tend not to see such things :) You've all thought of such awesome names, I can hardly wait to see which ones get picked! I did want to mention that the final pattern will be such that you can make your toy a boy or girl, I just made one of each because I like to be fair.

Have I ever shared how I make the eyelashes? It's very simple really. I use a strand of black heavy-duty thread, and knot it securely around the back of the eye, then trim it to the length I want. They stay on pretty well if the toy is just for display, but I'm not sure if they would stand lots of playing. I guess you could just replace them if they come off.

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