Tuesday, March 25, 2008

long weekend

I had a delightful, lazy weekend with my sweetie. We didn't celebrate Easter, but managed to fit in a bunny, some chocolate ice cream, and things made with eggs, so I think we did okay. And, I have photos to document some of the best parts!

Before the weekend got started, I made a big batch of borscht. It does look nice in photos, being such a lovely red colour. I'm not posting the recipe, because borscht is one of those dishes that is made differently in every family, and I make it differently nearly every time, so just find a recipe that sounds good to you and go for it. Just because the main ingredients are beets, cabbage, and potatoes, doesn't mean it has to taste like bland and over-cooked peasant food.

On friday, I decided to take a break from work and do some sewing. I've been planning this quilt for our living room wall for ages, and finally had all the necessary bits, and time to make it.

I spent saturday putting together some toys I had knit over the past week or so. I had already made a super bunny names Clark, so this one was dubbed 'Wonder Bun.'

On sunday, I spent some time mending clothes. My most comfy pair of jeans got patches to cover up the holes in the knees, but I had to concede that my most favourite red angora sweater is on it's way out. No amount of darning will fix all the holes and thin patches. I think it may have to gain a new life as some kind of plushie...

Yesterday, we went for a long walk in the sunshine. Although we took the camera, the huge snow banks were too depressing for us to bother taking photos. Instead, I will show you a peak of the April feature pattern I'm working on.

And in case you thought I was busy and industrious all weekend, we did watch some Lord of the Rings, 5 episodes of Red Dwarf, eat nachos for supper, and drink some very nice beer.


Anonymous said...

ack I may not be able to resist that one.

sharon said...

my little one wants the bunny - called it 'my bunny'. I think the april pattern may come home with me.

Unknown said...

Holy Moly - you were BUSY over this past week. Such fun projects and that quilt is beautiful - some of my favorite fabric colors. Can't wait to see more.