Wednesday, April 16, 2008

all the way from Austria

Another edition of "Your Toys"

These little cuties live in Austria with Claudia. I love the bunny's big shiny eyes, and the red overalls. It seems he also plays guitar! I'm a sucker for sweet eyes and serenades.

This couple look like they were searching for something nice to eat, and all they found was some pothos and hoya. Pretty house-plants, but not very tasty :)

If I want to use your photo on my blog, I will email you and ask for permission. Or, send me a message saying it's okay to use your photos on my blog. I should have mentioned this in the first place, but didn't think of it at the time.


Anonymous said...

That's a lovely white bunny. I'm having problems with the eyes. Mine seem to stick out on the stalk rather than nestle into the head. Any hints on eyes? Have now mastered mattress stitch and it has made such a difference to the making up! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i had the same problem with the sheep, but the bunny eyes nestle in the head. i pulled a thread of wool through each button, with a needle i pulled each thread to the ground of the head, where it gets sewn onto the body, then i made a knot with both eye-threads, the more one pulls, the more the eyes nestle in the head.
thanks for the nice things you said about my bunny.

Barbara Prime said...

Thanks Claudia, that's also how I sew on button eyes. If you're using safety eyes, you first need to push the eye stems into the stuffing. Then, you can nestle them more into the head by the same method as the buttons - but rather than making the stitches through the buttons, make them at the inside corners of the eyes. Hopefully that makes sense! I do plan to make a tutorial on this when I have time.