Thursday, May 1, 2008

another new toy

Here is another attempt at a fabric toy. I changed the feet, and I really like the shape of them now. They were also easier to attach, which was nice. Her face is quite cute, and the safety eyes are so much easier than stitching on tiny circles of felt. But I think the head might need a dart or two to make it a bit rounder. Her body is very squishy and cuddly, too. I was meaning to try jointed arms and legs next, but the cuddly bodies on these toys really appeal to me. Maybe I will end up making both versions, if the jointed toys turn out well too.

I thought I would try some fabric clothes for my knitted toys. I knit up this little kitty just to go with the dress. I was putting her together while my sister and niece were visiting this afternoon. My niece just loved the kitty! She kept trying to grab the toy from my hands, and shove it in her mouth. I even tried distracting her with the chicken and pig, but she just threw them down and looked around for the kitty. At seven months, she is really starting to develop a personality, and it's so fun to watch!


Mare said...

Your toys are lovely! My granddaughter is just 7 months old and she is very partial to certain dolls i make. Isn't it funny how at such a young age, they can be so selective! :)

Bunny B said...

Adorable as always!! :)

Anonymous said...

So cutie. How clever. Love the white kitty too.