Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, I guess I should make up kits more often! Those sure didn't last long. I need to order more books and yarn, but perhaps I will have time to put together a few more, even with making stuff for the craft fair.

Now onto some fun toy action! Eve sent me some photos of this adorable little Westie. Apparently he started out life as a polar bear, but was proclaimed to be a Westie by her sons. Everyone say, "Awwww."

I love experimenting with different kinds of yarn, and despite the drawback of being polyester, eyelash yarn gives the toys a great effect. It makes excellent fluffy tails for squirrels and kitties. I've even used the shorter stuff to make a penguin. At the moment I'm working on a schnauzer using some fuzzy grey yarn (I'd share pics, but the camera charger is missing). If it wasn't so darned hard to make the nose with intarsia, I might consider writing out the pattern. I really should practice that technique more often!

I've even been doing some knitting for myself lately. I finished a pretty scarf, just in time for the warm weather... oh well, it will be ready and waiting for me in the fall. I've also started Lucetta, a lovely lacy sweater. I took a chance on changing the yarn, and am knitting it in malabrigo lace in the pearl colourway. I'm so in love with this yarn! I had to knit the sweater one size larger, but otherwise everything is going fine using this yarn for this pattern.


Mare said...

I LOVE this dog!

Unknown said...

OMG I love Westies! That little dog is sooo cute, I wonder what his name is? Adorable

Willow said...

I got the pattern this morning! Yay! And thanks! The only sad part is I have to leave for work in 15 minutes so I can't start knitting.
Thanks, Willow at Willowscottage

Eve said...

Thank you. His name is Weston ;oP

PS Word code "amlony" how well they know me, but they missed out an "o"

Catie said...

That dog is super duper cute! And thank you for the links to photos of animals with eyelash yarn used.

Jimberlys said...

Just want to thank you for you incredible talent! I have so much fun just reading your blog and watching for what new masterpiece you will come up with next. You are our American version of "Cotton Rabbits". Someday I will be completing rabbits myself. This is my knitting aspiration. So labor intensive ..... One of these days I'll get through one that I am happy with. Just wanted to thank you for sharing you talent.