Thursday, May 29, 2008

shop update

I spent all day taking photos and listing everything in my Etsy shop. I didn't think it would take so much time! I didn't get to do anything else today, except run by the post office so I have packing stuff to mail the kits, once people buy them. I wonder if they will sell as quickly as the last ones? I even gave up some of the yarn I dyed for myself for a few of the kits. One of the kits has some lovely green/blue/lavender variegated yarn that turned out so pretty. I've already knit one little sweater from it (which is waiting for a toy now), so someone gets the rest.

I wrote some stuff in my shop announcement, but I don't know if anyone reads it. So, if you really like one of the kits, but don't want the book and/or yarn, please send me an email. I'll refund the difference to you, and just stick the left-over book or yarn into another kit. If I sell a few kits over the weekend, I'll sew some bags next week and list a few more. The awesome green bag with the giant trees on it sold super fast, but luckily I have more of that fabric.

I'm interested to see how my fabric toys will sell. Comparing them to similar toys on Etsy, I think they're just as cute and well-made, and a reasonable price. I'd really like to make more, because they're so fun. Plus, I have more ideas on changes I want to make. I'll just have to be patient :)

I swear, tomorrow I'll post about something totally not Etsy related! I think I should post a bunch more of your toy photos, since I've skipped a couple weeks.

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