Saturday, May 31, 2008

special deal for yarn shops

Over the last year and a half that I've been selling patterns, I've been approached many times by various yarn shops interested in carrying my patterns. It always seemed like too much trouble and expense to keep handy stacks of printed patterns for those who ask. Also, I'm really too shy to want to call up a bunch of stores that have never heard of me, and try to convince them to buy said stack of patterns.

I tried once to have some nice pattern booklets printed, and a handful of shops bought some. I never heard from them again, though, so I guess they didn't go over so well. While I really liked the booklet format, it was rather expensive to have them printed.

This evening my sweetie and I came up with an alternative plan, and I'm testing it out to see if there's any interest. I've put a couple of listings in my Etsy shop for bulk orders. Shops could order 5 or 10 copies of whichever pattern they want, and I'll get them printed locally, and then mail them off. I don't make too much money per pattern, especially after paying for the printing, but if it's even slightly successful I think it will be worth it.

I'm not sure how to advertise this to get the attention of yarn shop owners. Maybe I can mention it on Ravelry somewhere. For now I'll just wait and see how many views I get on Etsy, and think about my options.


melanie girouard said...

As a starters, I would get an ad on Ravelry for your Etsy shop. I've seen some designers doing it. Can't hurt I say. :-)

Mare said...

Hi Barbara,
I will mention this idea to my daughter who has a shop. She is planning to offer knitting and crochet classes in the near future, and if there is a specific pattern you would recommend for beginners, she might be interested in getting them from you! Let me know if you have a particular pattern that is easy to start with, and i can talk to her. Thanks! mare

Anonymous said...

I am interested in having your patterns or kits in the shop. Email me.

Barbara Prime said...

Jolene: I'll need your email address, or you can contact me (barbara at