Friday, June 6, 2008

hazy day

It's warm and hazy here, and I'm working on the new pattern in between being lazy and reading blogs. The new toy is coming along so well, much easier than I thought it might. I really hope you guys like this one, because I'm so happy with it! Maybe I'll drag out the camera and take a few photos once the second toy is done, to tease you a little.

Just one photo to share today, so I don't use them all up too soon. I see tons of great toy photos on Ravelry, but I guess most of those people don't know about my flickr group. Anyhoo...

I believe he is saying, "Hugs anyone?" One very lovely lamb made by Sarah.


Anonymous said...

i can`t wait to see those photos.
have a nice day

Unknown said...

oh that little lamb is gorgeous, what a great job Sarah has done.
Can't wait to see your new pattern Barbara, i bet its fantastic as usual.
Raynor x

Catie said...

he is very nice and cuddly

Anonymous said...

Isn't he so cute!