Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mysterios illness

Well, my mysterious illness has come back to bother me this week. I feel guilty for getting so little done, but all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with a kitty and a good book (at the moment it's "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents" by Terry Pratchett). I've been working a bit on updating a few more patterns, although they're still waiting for my husband to format them. He's been super busy at work, trying to get enough done before we go on holiday.

I'm really hoping that a change of air and scene will help me feel better. I don't want to spoil anyone's holiday by being sick and whiny all the time. I plan to make the most of our time there, visiting all my favourite people and places. With the cost of flights now, who knows when we'll make it back there again? Plus, I suspect my husband's family will be demanding a visit from us next year, and Russia is a long way to go.

After finally selling a set of printed patterns to a yarn shop, I discovered that printing is more expensive than I estimated (stupid taxes). So the price will be going up a little. I wonder how other designers manage to afford getting a few hundred patterns printed at a time? Maybe they already have the orders waiting, who knows?

In case it wasn't obvious last week, the Sea Horse pattern has been sent out for test knitting. I gave my lovely testers a month to work on it, so the pattern should be ready by mid-July. Sorry to make you all wait so long, but perhaps this gives you a chance to clear up your queue!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the bug is back. You need some treats! I'm sure the change will do you good. Russia is on my "must see" list. A little nearer for me than for you. I'm one of the lucky test knitters. All the best.

Allison said...

Maybe you should give a doctor a chance to check out this most inconvenient under-the-weather-ness before you holiday?

My guess is that people print 100s of patterns on spec once they're fairly sure there will be interest and then they expend a lot of energy promoting themselves and approaching stores.

It seems unlikely that you could line up so many orders at once without keeping the first ones waiting a long time for you to find enough others. Better to just invest a bit on having things "in stock" (assuming your market research suggests you'll be able to unload them eventually).

Anonymous said...

so sorry, that you are sick again. hope you manage to travel to russia, it is very interesting and there are the most beautifull churches i have ever seen. i learned russian at school and our class went to kiev moskwa and st.peterburg. it was amazing.

Munkeh said...

Sorry you are puny again! Have you been to the Dr. to get a check up?

It isn't morning sickness is it?

Hope you feel better before you go on your holiday.

Barbara Prime said...

Sorry if I made you all worry about me! It's nothing serious, but I am seeing a doctor soon. I spend most of my days alone, so I guess I took advantage of this space to whine to somebody about how miserable I am :)

Anonymous said...

Printing binding laminating - I do most myself. I got hubby to invest in a laminating machine, guillotine (spelling?? cutting machine) and a binder so I can create my own books.
Then all you need to get is printing/photocopying. I think using the home printer works out more expensive.
See what you can afford, its worth the investment. I got mine about 3-4 years ago. Use it a lot!
I make notebooks, using laminated gitwrap as the covers & add a pretty pen. Some people use them as diaries or notebooks, others as recipe books.