Tuesday, July 22, 2008

keeping busy

Well, the poll still has half a week to go, but the results seem pretty obvious. I'm glad you all like the idea of combining the bunny patterns. Simpler for me, and better value for you. I might do the same thing with the monkey patterns, the next time I have a new pattern ready. I'm hoping to have the next one done for the beginning of September, but that will only happen if I work very hard next month. I have a couple of important projects I need to get done, at the same time as working on the new pattern.

You might also notice I added a new clothing bundle (Bundle I) to my Etsy shop. It's actually one that had been in my Lulu shop for a while, and we finally got the new version done so I could more easily sell it on Etsy (the original one was four separate files). But silly me, I wanted to change one of the patterns in the original (the cape) because it was in the super-cute bundle, but picked a pattern that was also in that one (the hooded cardigan)! Okay, I know I should have checked, but I was trying to do this when I was at my most sick and exhausted. Anyway, the new bundle will soon be changed to have the sailor shirt instead of the hooded cardigan. The super-cute bundle (renamed Bundle II) will still have the hooded cardi, and I might throw in the hooded cape too, since I don't have that pattern anywhere right now. But my husband probably won't have time to update it until next week. Is all that confusing enough?

Now I get to spend an exciting day editing patterns! Woo hoo! Can you tell I'm just here procrastinating?

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Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. Just take it nice and easy. Not too much at one time! xx