Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sea horses!

With loads of help from my wonderful hubby last night, the new Sea Horse pattern is finally ready! You can find it in my Lulu and Etsy shops. If I sell out on Etsy, don't worry, I'll re-list it as soon as I notice.

Instead of posting more of my own photos today, I thought I would share a couple of horsies made by my test knitters. The first is done by Claudia, and I swear, she had this toy done withing a few days of receiving the pattern. Although, I think there was a little boy eagerly waiting for one! The other is knit by Raynor, and isn't he sweet? It looks like he's already been sold, with the money going to charity. But these two cuties should be plenty of inspiration for you to get out your needles and yarn!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm the lucky owner of "Dylan," who is the second sea horse pictured here. This little guy is so completely adorable. I'm sure he'll be a popular pattern for you, Barbara! Even though I'm a "grown-up," I just LOVE how Dylan feels sitting in my hands. I can just imagine how a small child will feel with a Dylan of his own. Great job on the pattern and THANK YOU RAYNOR for all that you do with these wonderful patterns for Cancer Research! Woo Hoo!

Nicole said...

Hi Barbara,
I just wanted to say congratulations on your little pickle and I hope everything goes smoothly. Its very exciting.

I also wanted to say that I just love your patterns. I knitted your lamb pattern and made her a little cardigan from the bear with cardigan pattern I bought in your Etsy store. I have to make the bear now. I know that I will have to buy more of your patterns. They are addictive.

If you want to check out my version of you lamb I have a blog that she is on. She hasnt got a name yet.

Thanks for all you do, your amazing.