Friday, July 25, 2008

up and down

It's been an up and down kind of week. I got some good work done, had an awesome visit with my girlfriends, and enjoyed the cool, wet weather. On the down side, my morning sickness medication ran out this week. I gave myself a couple days to see if it was passed, but sadly not. I've been pretty sick again the last 2 days, so today I broke down and went to the pharmacy. I love my pharmacist, he's so nice and reassuring. I get the feeling that he's a recent dad, and understands what I'm going through. Anyway, I have another fun date planned with my friends this weekend, and I'm so glad I can now enjoy myself!

It looks like my husband's great idea about Lulu didn't pan out. Probably too much to hope for that they would have done things the efficient way. I'm not a web programmer, but I can sometimes still see the way something should be done, but maybe it's too complicated for some reason.

Finally, I'll share with you these two sweetie pies made by Pat. The kitty is wearing a dress made from some of my hand-dyed yarn, and the lamb was made from one of my kits. It's so fun to see my ideas turn into cute toys, through someone else's hands.


Esther said...

While I was pregnant I used to feel sick whenever I got hungry and I found ginger beer helped a lot! it usually passes by week 16 so hang in there!

Carolyn C. said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog. I bought a couple of patterns from Lulu a few days ago, and have already fininshed the bunny. I'm working on your free lamb pattern now. I'm sorry you're having another bout of morning sickness. As Esther said, it passes soon. That's easy for me to say, mine was 38 years ago! Hope you feel better soon. Carolync228

Anonymous said...

these pregnancy things can be much trouble but it`s really worth the effort. i like the two cuties very much. i finished a baby bunny with diapers yesterday for my cousin who is also pregnant, i try to post a photo of it today at flickr.
good luck

julie said...

Hi Barbara and sorry to be so late in sending you many, many congratulations! I hope the morning sickness passes soon - the cruddy side of pregnancy but at least it doesn't last! Enjoy growing a beautiful baby x

cagio said...

congratulations! I also wanted to say that I love your little owl on ravelry - your wee one will be very lucky to have such creative and kind parents.