Tuesday, August 12, 2008

rain, rain

It's been thundering and cloudy since lunch, and finally just started raining here. Cool breezes and lovely sounds come through the windows. It's been a wet summer here, and I'm loving it! I have to be inside most days, working away, and I'd rather it be cool and wet than hot and humid (especially since we don't have AC). Sometimes I wonder if there is anywhere that people don't complain about the current weather. Somehow it's always too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry! We always want the weather we're not having.

We have a lovely little thrift store in my town, and I visit it much too often. Once a week, usually. It's not big, and there isn't much selection, but somehow there is always something I find that's pretty, or useful, or just needs to come home with me. Lately I've been buying mostly clothes, because I've gotten to that stage in pregnancy where I'm growing out of all my favourite things. Today I found the sweetest top, with a ruffled collar and pineapples on it! I also snagged 2m of red and beige checked fabric. I'm not sure what it might become, but there's enough for a shirt, dress, or skirt.

The rain has already stopped, and the sun is out! Well, that wasn't even enough to get my pots of herbs wet! Ah well, I should get back to work. I'll leave you with a cute photo. This is Greta, our first cat. She tends to be on the grumpy side, but gives my husband lots of snuggles. She has rather short legs for a cat, and is a bit pudgy, so I like to make fun of her. She scowls at me, as if she understands :)


Catie said...

You get more done if there aren't cat breaks for mandatory snuggles. My two kitties demand snuggles while I am working at home on my thesis. I figure that in the fall I'll go in to work every day just so that I'm not interrupted as much :)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful cat, I always wanted a grey cat, ended up with 2 black and whites!
Congratulations on your forthcoming arrival. It's been a lousy summer over here, rain, rain, rain! I just hope we are going to have an Indian summer and that October will be fab!
Nice to meet you in cyberworld.

Mare said...

Greta is a lovely cat. She looks a lot like my old cat Winnie did. She was the sweetest of cats.
It is so exciting that you are starting to show your pregnancy. I always loved being pregnant. It was the only time that i was happy to be getting wider and rounder! :)
We've had a very wet Summer here too, but i am happy for it. Maybe there will be a bit less snow to shovel in the Winter! (Ah! If it only worked like that, right? ;)