Friday, September 12, 2008

long day

I worked on a pattern all day, and it feels like I made no progress at all. Sometimes new patterns work out perfectly on the first or second try. Sometimes I make half a dozen attempts, before getting frustrated and leave it be for a few days, before trying to work out whatever is wrong. It could be the wrong kind or weight of yarn, or I'm trying a design that's too complicated or tedious, or the stitch pattern just isn't working with the overall design of a piece of clothing.

In better news, I was completely overwhelmed by how many people joined the Ravelry group within the first day! I guess I better make more of an effort to figure out what's going on! I had a pretty good day in my shops too, which was nice to see after a slow summer. Little Batly is pretty popular!

Anyway, I'll leave you with this cute photo of a farmer sheep, who looks all ready for this year's harvest. (knit by Sarah)

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Nikki said...

I bought your Batly pattern him. Another wonderful pattern, well done!