Friday, September 19, 2008

lovely autumn friday

It's a lovely day here. It started off cool and crisp, and now it's sunny and warm. A perfect autumn day, right down to the changing leaves, geese honking overhead, the smell of earth and wood fires. If only my niece would have her nap, so I can take her for a walk later (really it's so I can enjoy the sunshine, but she doesn't seem to mind).

It's definitely a learning experience, spending so much time around a little one. An exhausting one too. I was 13 when my younger brother was born, so I was old enough to change diapers, feed him, babysit, and a lot of other things. But that was a long time ago, and he has a very different personality from my niece. It's all making me rather excited to meet my little one! Our list of names is getting shorter, and my belly is getting bigger, but it's still so many weeks away. At least I can feel him moving around now, so it's sort of like we're already getting to know each other.

In between playing, feeding, and changing diapers, I've managed to make progress on some new patterns I've been working on. All this is in preparation for next year, when I'm sure to have less time for designing and knitting. It's hard holding all these projects back, not being able to share them with you because they won't be released for so long. Everyone seems to be having fun with my other patterns, though, so I guess you're not bored yet!

Handspun, hand-dyed bunny by Elizabeth.


Jimberlys said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you so much for the "stuffing" hint. Little how too's like that help me so much. I went back and read all of the hints and found the ladder stitch for attaching heads. VERY helpful. I can't understand how I missed it because I think I have been reading your blog forever!!!! In reading your old posts I came across the reindeer..........So beautiful! Is that pattern available or comming in the future? Have any Christmas surprises in store for us? I so enjoy your reading your blog and and knitting your patterns, thank you. Congrats on your pregnancy, you will be a busy girl!
Thanks again,

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I've finally figured out why my Etsy shop became so popular in late September. Thanks for showing off my knitting of your wonderful bunny pattern!

(had to remove the last comment due to my atrocious spelling - sorry!)