Thursday, September 4, 2008

a million meetings

Thanks so much for being so understanding and supportive! It really helps lighten the load when I can air my little insecurities. It puts everything in perspective when I write it down, and makes me feel a little less crazy that you understand where I'm coming from :)

Today I'll be working on the bat pattern, taking some new photos, and trying to get everything just right for the final version. Usually my husband does the last bit of formatting for me, but he's had about a million exhausting meetings this week, so I might attempt it myself. I think the first week of school is as much work for a university's staff, as it is for the profs and students. The software he uses is more than a little confusing, but perhaps he'll have enough patience to show me what to do.

Also, I'm planning to combine a couple of other patterns like I did with the bunny ones, in order to keep things simpler in my shops. I'm undecided on whether the monkey or bear patterns would be best, although I will most likely do both eventually.

While I have the camera out, maybe I'll take some photos of knitting I've been doing for me! I have several projects that I've been working on, when I'm not too tired in the evening. There's a pair of socks, which I think I've been working on for about a year. They're pretty and fun, but for some reason socks don't inspire me. There's a pair of fingerless mitts, which I lost the chart for, so have been on hold since spring. There's a quilt/rug for the baby's room, made from a bunch of different yarns that have been given to me. And a shawl, which I plan to use when nursing. It's knit from some malabrigo lace yarn I'd intended for a sweater, but I like the shawl much better.


Mare said...

I'd love to see some pictures of some of your personal projects...Someday i hope to learn to knit socks..But they do look scary!

Anonymous said...

Someone gave me a tip when I was nursing DS. Use a diaper pin to pin the shawl/ blanket to your shoulder so the baby can't pull it down and ummm...expose things to public view. One of the best tips I ever got.

Esther said...

I never had a problem breast feeding my daughter in public, I just used to drape a muslin over my shoulder to cover the area so I'm sure the shawl will do a fantastic job. it gets harder the older they get as they tend to look around more when feeding and often come off to smile at people leaving your breast exposed to the whole world!