Tuesday, September 9, 2008

plans schmans

While I believe my plans for next winter and spring are pretty reasonable (and I'm glad you agree) we'll have to see how it really works out! I've learned not to be disappointed when things don't go exactly as I wanted, and make plans more tentatively. Maybe I'll have more time for knitting, sewing, and blogging that I thought, maybe I'll have much less. But whatever happens, I will try to keep writing here, and let you know how things are going. Besides, I'm sure to have a million baby pictures to share with you!

Speaking of baby, he's really starting to move in there! It's such an amazing feeling, when it's not uncomfortable :) I think all babies must start out wanting to be soccer (football) players. At the moment his favourite kicking spot is my belly button. I can't wait until my husband can feel it too!

Okay, enough chatter for now, I guess. I have a full day of pattern editing ahead of me!

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