Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the new book is here!

Hooray! Huzzah! The new Festive Knits book is here! My wonderful sweetie even stayed up late last night, getting everything ready for you. So now you can get your own copy of the book, either printed or as a download! I'm super excited about this new pattern book, and I hope you all love the patterns too. Oh, and when you go check out those listings, the preview will take a little time to load so have patience! Our printed copy is gorgeous, and the new size is so practical, and still easy to read.

I must mention a couple of things now. First, the price of the printed books has gone up a bit. I hate to do this, as I know times are hard for lots of us, but Lulu has nearly doubled their printing costs and I need to make a little on each copy. However, the download versions of the books are still the lower price. Second, the download version of the book comes in the 6"x9" size, but as long as you have a newer printer it should scale it automatically when you print. You really shouldn't have to do anything special to get it to come out full-size on whatever paper you have (letter or a4). If your printer is a bit older and does decide to have fits over printing, please email me and I'll do my best to sort you out.

We also got the Owl and Baby pattern all ready for you, and I'll list that as soon as I get time today. It's such a super sweet and adorable pattern, and I love that the owls look great no matter what colour you knit them in - brown, turquoise, or even green! The baby owl takes hardly any yarn at all, and is such a great way to use up a little bit of fuzzy yarn from some other project.

Happy knitting, everyone!


Jossan said...

Congrats! Im looking at the preview now and it looks great! :D

Awesome Mom said...

Cute stuff!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Barbara! I LOVE the reindeer! Is he in the new book? (I'm so behind on checking blogs and patterns... I should probably go see what new stuff you've posted on Rav!)

Barbara Prime said...

Yes, the reindeer is in the new book. If you click through to the book listing, the preview has photos of all the patterns.

Lucy said...

Yay!!!! Great news Barbara - I'll get my son onto this asap - he is going to do the purchasing!! Many Congratulations - the book looks fantastic!!

Elizabeth said...

How wonderful! Congratulations, I look forward to buying the book.
A Big Fan

Anonymous said...

I ordered the book by downloading and I'm VERY pleased with it. I also favourited the reindeer. Will knit a lot from the book..
Thank you Barbara and have a lovely day.
Elisabeth from Sweden