Friday, November 28, 2008

time to decorate!

I've been so busy thinking about baby things lately, I've barely given a thought to that big holiday coming up soon! Yesterday I had a brief idea of offering you something special today, but couldn't come up with anything on such short notice. At least there is my contest next week to look forward to! I've been putting off the decorating until December 1st too, trying to keep myself from getting overwhelmed too soon. We might even get our own little tree this year! Although, I suspect my cats will think it's a treat for them (they've tried to eat every plant I've had in the house).

I don't even know what I'm sending my family for gifts, and I believe I'll have to pump my mom for some ideas of what they'd like (for many reasons we're staying out here for the holidays, rather than seeing my family in BC). I've knit up some of the felted stars, and have plans to make more (I have a big family). But many of the special things about where I live would be a little tricky to send: maple syrup and local alcoholic brews being two good examples. Most years I manage to think of something just right for each member of my family, but maybe this year they will have to be content with a new grandson/nephew to spoil!


Mare said...

I'd say, from experience, that a grandchild (or nephew) is the best Holiday gift of all and more than enough! AND you cannot find that particular gift in any mall!!! :)

leslie said...

You can't ever go wrong with new critters in the house to spoil. :) don't let them forget you though, you did all that work.