Tuesday, December 9, 2008

better late than never?

I know I promised the Santa Reindeer pattern would be released for December, but life keeps getting in the way of it being done! Finally, I decided yesterday to help things along a little. My husband usually washes the dishes in the evening after I've gone to bed. Yesterday, I washed them myself (big belly in the way and all) so he could use the time in the evening to work on the pattern. The plan worked great for a time... he was working away at the formatting, while I was putting the last of the decorations on our tree. Then we heard a *bang* outside the house. Well, the students around here have a habit of setting off firecrackers around exam-time, so we didn't even blink. Then, about a minute later, an even louder *bang* with a bright flash, and the power went out! The transformer just down the block had exploded, and the power line was actually on fire! Crazy, eh?

So, without any electricity for the rest of the evening, obviously the pattern wasn't finished. Thankfully, the Quebec Hydro people managed to fix the lines temporarily, so we didn't wake up to a frozen apartment. They replaced the power lines this morning, so hopefully such excitement won't be happening again. I realized one thing though: we should own a flashlight!


Sara (a.k.a Sarloz) said...

in the past six months we have had two transformers blow up around our neighbor hood one on our street which was next to my house ...that one was on fire and so was the telephone pole and then one around the corner

i wasnt a fan of those black outs but atleast it was in the warmer weather and not the cold

i am sure you will have the the pattern done soon and im sure we dont mind waiting longer for it

Debbie said...

Man and woman makes plans and "Life Laughs"! I have had many a day when I knew exactly what I was going to do that day, only to have it blow up in my face and have to deal with whatever it is that life throws my way! Good things come to those who wait.