Thursday, December 11, 2008

gift tags

I had a little fun this morning putting together a sheet of gift tags for you! There are six different tags, with 12 to a sheet of paper. Nothing very fancy, but I tried to make them cute! I figured the easiest way for you to get them was to make it an image file, so you can just download it from my Flickr page. Make sure to download the largest size, though, or the tags won't look very good (click on the 'all sizes' icon above the image). Then print them out on some heavier weight paper, cut out, and punch a hole for attaching to gifts! I tried to leave enough room around each tag so you can use a set of those fancy scissors, if you have them.

I hope you're all getting excited about the upcoming holidays! I certainly am, especially since we got a tree this year! I didn't think I'd have enough ornaments to decorate a full-size tree of my own, since my rather large family usually pools all their ornaments for my parents' tree. Surprizingly, I had more than enough, so I left off the really tatty and ugly ones. With a few other decorations thrown around, some eggnog and cookies, and Christmas carols on the radio, I'm really feeling good about this holiday away from my family. Now I'm just hoping Baby Mitten doesn't show up in the middle of it! (I'm imagining holiday staffing at the hospital is not the best)


Tabatha said...

I have knitted three of your squirrels, your Siamese kitty, and your pupster for Christmas presents for nephews and nieces this year.

Thank you for such easy workable patterns.

Now I just have to finish of the clothes.

Awesome Mom said...

Those are adorable! I am going to have to put them on my presents instead of labeling them with a sharpie like I normally do.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad baby mitten reads your blog too!

Gigi said...

Thanks so much for the gift tags -- so much nicer than the ones you can buy! And thanks also for the reindeer pattern. I hope to make him for a grandson who loves Santa's reindeer.

leslie said...

this is a really cute easy idea


Katrina said...

Very cute gift tags! Thanks!