Monday, January 5, 2009


I think it will be a while until I have anything Fuzzy Mitten related happening, so I hope you don't mind us filling this space with other things for a little while. Of course, most people do enjoy looking at cute babies, and Lev is certainly cute (I've even heard other people say that, so it's not just my biased opinion)!

Anyway, I was over on Flickr and spotted these cuties made by Peta, and just had to share! I wonder how many toys were knitted for this past holiday? I didn't manage any, but then I was a little busy. I should stop over on Ravelry one of these days, and see what's up with the group over there. I've been very lax with that end of things lately, if you've tried to contact me there. Maybe I'll have time to get to that tomorrow.

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Mare said...

Oh they are so sweet!