Thursday, January 29, 2009

short and sweet

What a lack of blogging around here lately! At least I have good reasons. Here's a short and sweet version of what I've been up to since my mom came:

- cooking big pots of soup to fill our freezer (helping my mom cook, mostly)
- visiting local thrift stores and finding some very useful and/or cute baby items
- walks outside every time it's above -10 C (and sometimes even when it's colder but sunny)
- long chats about knitting and family history (and sometimes both together)
- squeezing everyone into our tiny living-room for supper one night (5 adults and 2 babies is a lot for our little place)
- a visit to a yarn store where I finally jumped on the Noro sock bandwagon (thanks to my mom's generosity)
- lots of knitting on said Noro socks (so fun and pretty, they're hard to put down)
- 3 nearly sleepless nights of a growth spurt (thank goodness my mom was here to take turns sitting up with him)
- finding out Lev is now over 8 lbs, thanks to the growth spurt (I need to get pictures of the baby jowls he's developing!)
- and now I'm procrastinating about working on some felted slippers for my nephew's 2nd birthday (I made them too big, and have to rip back the 1/2 of one I already knit)

I think there's probably lots more, it's been such a busy week! Anyway, time to stop procrastinating. Have a lovely day, all!


Anonymous said...

Noro Socks are so pretty! I have some to make too, but I have to finish my currents socks before I let myself dive in. I am getting impatient! There are so many socks I want to knit!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you had a lovely visit with your mom. Hope to see new baby pictures soon (no pressure though!)

Unknown said...

Okay, you are excused:) Isn't amazing how a baby makes the time fly and rearranges your priorities? I've still not succumbed to the Noro sock craze....but I came close yesterday! Enjoy!