Tuesday, March 24, 2009

happy day

This made my day, and really, makes all the work I put into Fuzzy Mitten worthwhile.

"hi, my name is Dani, I run a coffee shop inside a hotel in Morgantown, WV where I used to occasionally sell a hat or pair of socks I'd knitted, but I wasn't terribly skilled and what I really wanted was to knit toys that looked nice but were not too complicated...I ran across your books while searching for patterns and they are just perfect...my bosses love them ( and buy them sometimes), they have given me a table to display them though lately they are requested or sold before I can get enough made to put on the table...my knitting has improved a lot...I just wanted to say thank you..I really love your patterns (I have festive knits and the larger pattern book) I have never really had a place to display or an interest in my knitting outside of my family..so this has been a really amazing experience. Thanks again..dani"

Thank you, Dani! When I started designing patterns, I never dreamt this is where I would end up, and things just keep getting better! It makes me so happy to know that people love my patterns, and get so much enjoyment from them. What better thanks could I get for my effort, than to know I helped a little toward someone learning new skills and finding a creative outlet they never knew they had?


Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Toy success stories are so great, especially when you think about how happy they make everyone involved all along the way.

Anonymous said...

This is why your copyright model is so brilliant. It's an open-handed way of designing and selling. Kudos to you and Mr. Mitten and bravo to Dani for perservering