Friday, March 27, 2009

hurrah for Pat!

With the help of a handy random number generator, I've picked the lucky winner... she is Pat Yates! I don't have your email address Pat (unless you're the Pat I'm thinking of from Kent), so I hope you check here today and email me with your mailing address (barbara at Give-aways are so much fun, I thought it would be a shame to stop at just one winner, so I picked 5 more names! These lucky people get a free pattern, any one they would like from the many I have written (this doesn't include either book, though). The 5 are:
  • annemarie (I've sent you an email)
  • NLautner ("Thanks for the giveaway...")
  • Sarah (of the Bubbly Bunny)
  • Pam ("Oh, I'd love to have some scraps for one of your cuties!")
  • Betty ("Would love to be part of the draw for the Scrappy pattern.")
Please send me an email with your choice, so I can email the pattern to you. If by some strange twist of fate there isn't any pattern you want right now, I'll honor the gift whenever you like. I'm sure to have one or two new patterns coming out later this year.

I hope the rest of you aren't disappointed. I like having giveaways, so there's sure to be another in a few months. If you want something sooner, why not sign up for the swap on Ravelry (under discussion topics, it's 'swap number 2')? I'll be participating, too! Of course, it's the weekend tomorrow, so that's something to cheer you up :)

I forgot to mention that we had patches made! These make my Girl Guide self rather pleased, and bring back such fun memories of camp... Anyway, these will be included in the kits, and will be for sale in my Etsy shop. I'm going to start listing things now, and depending on Lev, I should get everything in there by noon (EST).


Unknown said...

The patch is fantastic!

KCina said...

love the patch! congrats to the winners...I purchased my kit & the patterns this morning...can't wait!
~ Kathy (Oregon)

Emily said...

Congratulations, winners! The patches are great!

BellaMama said...

I can't be disappointed...I have to knit your free lamb first anyway!!
Congrats winner!!