Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yay dairy!

Oh man, have I been lax about blogging lately! But really, you can blame it on Lev. He's been changing up his sleep schedule over the last week, and not only is he awake more hours in the day, but he's decided that some of those should be in the middle of the night. Mr. Mitten and I have been taking shifts, so we both get enough sleep, but it leaves a lot less time for Fuzzy Mitten work. I really hope we can get his schedule sorted out better before Mr. Mitten goes back to work in June, or I am going to be one tired and grumpy mama!

On the plus side, Lev is finally okay with dairy! In fact, he seems to do much better with the dairy formula than with the hypo-allergenic stuff (daddy gives him one bottle during the night so I can sleep longer). I have been taking full advantage of this, and thoroughly enjoying milk on my cereal, and cheese on pizza! Maybe I should even treat myself to some super-yummy 8% milk-fat yogurt, which is more like eating ice cream than something that's good for you. Of course, I still can't touch caffeine, or Lev spends all day spitting up everything he eats. This includes chocolate. I'll just down my sorrows over chocolate with a tub or yougurt, thanks.

Enough baby talk, I'm sure...

All this aside, I have found time to work on the new pattern and the kits. We just need to take a few photos, and Mr. Mitten needs to take a few hours to format the pattern, but it should be all ready soon! I'm hoping we can get it done for Friday. The kits should be ready for you next week sometime. I have the zip pouches made, and most of the kits put together. I just need to find time to sew a few tote bags. Oh, I also meant to ask whether you like the idea of getting a printed pattern with your kit, or if a pdf is okay? If I send you the pdf, you can get started on one animal while I send your kit for another. On the other hand, a printed pattern is nice to work from. (Although, no printed patterns means I can keep the kits a little cheaper). I think I'll stick up a poll for a couple days, to find out what you think.


Anonymous said...

Pdfs are just great and give us instant gratification. Thanks for asking.

KCina said...

I agree with Pam...PDFs are great...instant gratification! ;-)
~ Kathy

Catie said...

I'm fine either way - if I get a pdf I would just print it out at home... I posted this on the ravlery group but since you may not have time to go there - your etsy site was featured as the etsy site of the day on the Lime and Violet Daily Chum (