Wednesday, April 8, 2009

love my ball-winder

I've worked so hard the last 2 days trying to get these kits ready! I wish the yarn had come sooner, so I could have taken a little more time with them, but am I ever glad I bought a ball winder! Otherwise, I would have taken a week to make them all, instead of 2 days. I've had to raise the price by $1, since most of the yarn in these kits is new, rather than mostly left-overs, as in the previous ones. I'm off to list them now, and hopefully Lev will stay asleep until I can get them all done!


BellaMama said...

The kits look beautiful!! I think it would be well worth the extra dollar just for the new yarn!!

Have you thought about putting together a clothing kit?

Have a great long weekend!

Emily said...

Look at all the scrappy potential! Everyone will want one!